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Do you have to present your preliminary project, research protocol, dissertation, degree thesis, master’s thesis, doctoral thesis or lecture for a congress, and do not know where to start? At we advise and support you in the different stages of the research process.

We provide the keys to develop and develop a hypothesis, raise a research problem, select and operationalize variables, define the approach and various methodological aspects; In short, we provide you with tools, tips and the selection of appropriate criteria so that you can write your research. Contact our specialists and start solving your problem:

  • Presentation of the preliminary draft of thesis
  • Advice and research
  • Thesis workshop

Proposed thesis

When it comes to planning and writing a master’s thesis, doctorate thesis or a graduate dissertation, you are likely to face some difficulties. Defining the research problem, operationalizing the variables of the hypothesis, defining the methodology, the theoretical framework and the bibliography that is to be used is usually problematic if there is not adequate guidance. Whether thesis is administration, law, medicine, statistics, education, marketing, history, social communication or other disciplines, some originality and feasibility is required. In we guide you to define your research protocol, thesis project, or dissertation, in aspects such as:

  • Objectives (General and Specific)
  • Hypothesis
  • Justification of the subject
  • Planning the problem to investigate
  • Originality and feasibility
  • Operationalization of variables
  • Theoretical framework
  • State of knowledge
  • Determination of the sample and the empirical basis
  • Research method
  • Bibliography
  • Schedule of activities

Advice and research

When planning your research, you have asked what is the most appropriate methodology to develop it. At we help you define step by step the different stages of the research process. We have specialists in various areas of knowledge to advise on the preparation of field work that needs to be carried out, be it in the design of surveys, in-depth interviews, focus group, style corrections, operationalization of variables, selection of indicators, and analysis of data.

Thesis workshop

Have you had problems when trying to write, pose, defend and / or present your thesis or research project? Do not know how to quote bibliography? Do not know what is the most convenient methodology for your subject? Do you have doubts about the hypothesis, the definition of variables and / or the analysis of the data? can provide you with the most appropriate solution, focusing on your particular case. You transmit us your idea, the origin of your project and / or your favorite subject, and we take care of advising you so that you can put it on paper, supporting it throughout the development of the research. You can live in Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, the United States, or any other country. Regardless of the place, you can count on our thesis consulting services.

Correction and editing services

If you like to write and are interested in publishing your book, we advise you and provide proofreading services of style, form and structure of your book, we elaborate literary critiques, prologues, epilogues, edition of books in digital and traditional format. We have specialists in self-help books, Marketing, Education, Business Administration, Philosophy for Children, Philosophy for Adults, Senior Citizens, Children’s Literature, Youth Literature, Police Genre, Travel Books, Biographies or Autobiographies, among others.

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