What writing jobs do we advise?

Manuals for your company, brochures, newsletters, institutional bulletins, periodic reports, letters of sale and promotion of your products, research work on various topics, content for websites, summary and weekly news analysis of the item or topic of interest of your company. company, advice and corrections of monographs, advice in thesis, master’s or doctoral thesis, corrections in research on various topics, autobiographies, or travel books.

How we work?

Based on the proposal, need or idea of ​​the client, we carry out our consulting work of writing and research advice based on a permanent contact with our clients. In a preliminary stage, we acquire all the necessary information to guide you to carry out the research work (who are the recipients of the writing, material and information available, compiled material, read and analyzed by the professional group of Escribimos.com, adequacy of style based on the desired intentionality).

How do we communicate with customers?

One of the most important “ideas-strength” of Escribimos.com is that each client is a different case that requires personalized attention. Our work, according to your specific needs, includes personal interviews, phone calls, and, basically, contacts via e-mail or chat. From our company, we bet on the advantages given by computer technology that allow optimizing communication, trying to save time and increase the efficiency of each exchange.

How much does the service cost?

The cost of the service varies according to the type of work requested. For each client and case, Escribimos.com elaborates and sends a budget. Once this budget has been approved, starting with the advance payment of a percentage of the total amount, Escribimos.com starts the work in question. Payment cancellation is given at the time of completion of the required service.

To whom correspond the author’s rights?

As the services offered by Escribimos.com are under the modality of Editorial Consultancy, therefore all the author’s rights belong to the client.

How do corrections work?

The budgets include any corrections without charge for a period of 4 consecutive months from the delivery of the requested work. In each particular case, it is evaluated whether what is required are actual corrections, or request for a new job. In the second case, it is analyzed if it applies to charge an additional.

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